from 11/10/2017 to 12/10/2017 - 6th IRTAD Conference: Better Road Safety Data for Better Safety Outcomes

In 2016, the United Nations and its Member States committed to an unprecedented effort to promote road safety. An ambitious global target to halve deaths and injuries caused by road crashes by 2020 was included in the UN’s framework of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It poses a significant challenge to all governments to reinvigorate their national road safety policies and action plans. It also requires having solid crash and safety data to monitor progress, build programmes and make progress.

The objectives of the 6th IRTAD Conference is to discuss improvements in the quality of data systems and data analysis by fostering knowledge transfer between conference participants through:

  • Discussion of methodological issues to improve road safety data collection and analysis at country and city level.
  • Showcasing recent initiatives to improve the quality of safety data collection and analysis.
  • Presentation of recent research and analysis undertaken by the IRTAD Group.

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  • Marrakech , Morocco