11/04/2019 - SaferAfrica Webinar 5 - Safer Road-Users: SaferAfrica proposals

The behavior of road users plays an important role in many accidents and fatalities. In this webinar, we will discuss two possible road safety interventions concerning safer road users. The first one is about increasing helmet wearing rates on powered two and three wheelers. The second one deals with reducing BAC limits and increasing penalties on drink-driving.

In both cases, the key elements after the introduction of a mandatory law concerning helmet use or drink-driving are increasing public awareness by a public awareness campaign and stricter enforcement of the new law. Public awareness and enforcement should work together to increase helmet wearing rates on the one hand and decrease drink-driving on the other hand.

This webinar considers some background on the impact of human behavior on road safety, describes the necessary steps to implement an intervention about helmet use or drink-driving and analyses some difficulties that can arise when implementing the interventions.

The webinar, presented by Ellen Boudry, Researcher Human Factors at Vias Institute, will take place on 11 April 2019 at 10:00 CET. 

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