24/04/2019 - Webinar 6 – Safer Roads and Mobility: SaferAfrica proposals

The quality of the road network is crucial for the benefit of all road users, especially the most vulnerable (e.g. pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists). In this webinar, we will discuss two possible road safety interventions within the scope of safer roads and mobility. The first one is about re-engineering the road network according to a new hierarchical functional classification. The second one deals with providing a forgiving roadside network.

The concept of self-explaining and forgiving roads, defined within the safe system approach, is the background for these road safety interventions. Roads should be differentiated according to their function to help road users including drivers to identify what kind of behavior they should adopt and expect from others. Nevertheless, in case of an uncontrolled road user runs out of the carriageway, forgiving roadside areas should be provided on both sides of the road to allow drivers to safely recover control of their vehicles.

This webinar includes some background information about the safe system approach related to self-explaining and forgiving roads, describes the necessary steps to implement these interventions and analyses some difficulties that can arise in this process.

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  • 24
  • 04
  • 2019
  • 11 AM CET