14/03/2018 - Motorbike Transport App Creating Jobs and Saving Lives in Rwanda

SafeMotos is a Rwanda-based motorcycle taxi company that is taking the app-based transport service idea - made famous by Uber -  a step further by ensuring its product on the basis of the local needs of both passengers and drivers.

Indeed, SafeMotos joined the Business Call to Action (BCtA) with a pledge to reduce road accidents by providing driver training and conducting safety checks on its drivers and to increase incomes by ensuring that its drivers are paid 15 percent more than average motor taxi drivers by 2020.

The SafeMotos approach is based on a driver rating system, through which passengers can rate a driver’s safety out of a score of 100. Moreover, SafeMotos is able to install an app that records their speed, acceleration, GPS and gyroscope information.


Source: 3BL Media