16/02/2018 - SAFER’s unique databases with real-life driving data enable a large project in machine learning

SAFER (Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers) is working on a new project, “Realism for AD” in which tools for simulation of autonomous vehicles will be developed. In this field, one of the main problems in relation to autonomous vehicles is the availability of real-life driving data and testing of the new functions.

Here, the challenge is to make simulation tools more similar to the reality and in order to do this, SAFER’s databases (containing more than 5 million kilometers of data) represent a useful asset.

According to Magnus Granström (Director at SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre): "Before self-driving vehicles can reach the market, safety needs to be guaranteed”. Therefore, SAFER may contribute to ensure that automated systems for vehicles become sufficiently safe.

The aforementioned project using the machine learning is able to translate synthetic data from simulation to more real data. If a realistic simulation is possible, development can contribute to safer vehicles as well as make the development less expensive and more efficient.

In the project many SAFER’s partners participate, such as AstaZero, Chalmers, Volvo Technology and also the software company Data Intelligence, Wiretronic, and finally the project is partly financed by Vinnova.

For more information, visit the dedicated SAFER webpage.