18/05/2018 - SaferAfrica Dialogue Platform Workshop - Press Release

Due to over 650 deaths daily registered on African roads and enormous related human costs, Road Safety stands as a crucial development issue for the entire continent.

With a view to improving the status, a Dialogue Platform between Africa and Europe on road safety management, has been started under the Horizon 2020 funded project SaferAfrica. The SaferAfrica Dialogue Platform gathers prominent International organization officials together with African stakeholders to discuss and design feasible improvements in the framework of the African Road Safety Action Plan.

"Partnerships and synergies are at the very core of SaferAfrica Dialogue Platform and its work”, SaferAfrica coordinator professor Luca Persia from Research Centre for Transport and Logistics of Sapienza University in Rome highlighted, while chairing the first Dialogue Platform workshop, recently held in Athens. 

To see the Press Release of the first Dialogue Platform Workshop, please download the PDF version or the Word Version