23/07/2018 - Vehicle Type-Approval and Road Worthiness Test in Togo

The Project AVIS (Assessment of Vehicle Inspection Systems) is based on the collaboration between  the Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) at the World Bank and the Comité International d’Inspection des véhicules Automobiles (CITA) that work together in order to upgrade the vehicle technical inspection system. 

Specifically, the Project main objective is to assess the current state of the vehicle inspection system and vehicle importation system, and contemporary to propose a strategy to improve these systems. AVIS is targeting three African countries, and Togo has been chosen as the first candidate. 

In this context, the Project includes a two-week mission in Togo with the aim to collect the information required to perform the assessment. All the necessary information was collected during meetings with the various stakeholders, public and private entities, that are involved in the management of the road infrastructure, vehicle importation and fleet management, and traffic safety.

To read the entire Report of this mission in Togo, please see this document