03/05/2019 - SaferAfrica Webinar 7 – Road Safety Interventions – Post-crash Response

Many deaths due to a road crash in Africa occur during the pre-hospital phase. The effectiveness of the post-crash response depends on the quickness of alert, the emergency rescue services and the quality of the medical care of the wounded. In many African countries, emergency relief is usually delayed and sometimes absent in some localities. When road crash occurs in these areas, victims cannot be evacuated to health services. Their chance of healing and survival is then low.


In this webinar, two possible post-crashes care interventions will be deeply discussed.

The first intervention is the training of Road Safety Volunteers in first aid and emergency care. The second intervention concerns the acquisition of motorcycle ambulances for the benefit of the health centers located along the most accidental corridors.

We will expose successively on:

  • the training process for road safety volunteers in first aid and emergency care and their equipment in the first aid kit;
  • the procedures for identifying the health centers to be equipped with motorcycle ambulances and the procedure for acquiring these motorcycle ambulances.

The barriers to the implementation of these interventions will be discussed and the measures that can control them will be reviewed.

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  • 03
  • 05
  • 2019
  • 11 AM CET