04/04/2019 - From Gender to Road User Behavior, the 7 SaferAfrica Thematic Factsheets now available on line

Road safety data in African countries are not always available or comparable mainly due to under-reporting or different definitions of the variables, collection methodologies and so on.

Safety data should be enhanced through additional data and indicators, which may be available at country level but are not published (e.g. exposure data, road safety performance indicators, road safety management). Data should be analysed to provide a factual appraisal of road safety levels in Africa, to reveal critical issues and to indicate priority areas with high potential for road safety improvements.

The support of policy makers and stakeholders with evidence on critical risk factors, related actions and good practices drawn from high quality data is a key objective of the SaferAfrica project. Under this scope, road safety data collected within SaferAfrica were analysed to identify key risk factors affecting road safety in African countries. Specifically, a data organisation and analysis system was developed in order to produce indicators and define the critical areas and challenges per topic and region of Africa. Road safety data were collected either from international databases or via questionnaires distributed to national experts within the context of the SaferAfrica project.

The main source used for the collection of the required data were WHO country profiles published in 2013 and 2015 and the World Road Statistics reports published by the International Road Federation (IRF). In most cases, preliminary results from data analysis conducted within SaferAfrica were also exploited in order to identify the main road safety problems and particularities in specific countries and regions.

The analysis of the data in the African region based on the established literature findings related to road safety risk factors highlighted the following thematic topics for developing knowledge and management tools in the form of fact sheets:

• Gender

• Road user behaviour

• Infrastructure

• Vehicle

• Post-crash care

• Road Safety Management

• Legislation

The Thematic Fact Sheets provide a series of tables and figures with aggregate road safety statistics or literature findings related to each topic, as emerged from the results of the risk factor analyses, aiming to record the current road safety status of the African countries. For their development, data for the latest available year were mainly used on road accidents, vehicle fleet and infrastructure characteristics, road user behaviour (e.g. speeding, drink-driving, use of protective systems), legislative issues. The Thematic Fact Sheets can serve as a tool for the comparative assessment of the road safety level of the African countries, while their systematic update in the future is expected to contribute to the monitoring of the evolution of their road safety performance and fulfil the needs of the various users of the Dialogue Platform.

The above fact sheets are currently uploaded at the African Road Safety Observatory, under “Data” section (Factsheet).