02/10/2018 - Insight on [SaferAfrica D5.4] Inception Report - Kenya

An Inception Report can serve as a primary input to facilitate discussions between two parts. In this case, it represents the basis for the discussion between the road safety management capacity review team on behalf of the SaferAfrica project and senior officials in Kenya. Specifically, the subject of the discussion regards road transport matters in general and road safety in particular. 

Kenya, as one of the larger African countries with an average African GNI, has a higher than average mortality rate of 29.1 traffic fatalities per 100 000 population (World Health Organisation, 2015) with 3191 reported deaths due to road crashes, according to data from the Kenya Police Service.

In this context, the Inception Report tries to reflect the current understanding of the capacity review team of the general road safety situation in Kenya. 

For further information about the Report, see this page