15/10/2018 - Insight on [SaferAfrica D5.5] Summary report comparison in selected African Union countries

This report is based on a compared analysis on the results coming from the Inception Reports (IRs) of the 5 selected African countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa and Tunisia.  

The main objective of the report is to find some common features in the field on road safety in the entire continent, and considering the information included in the IRs, to achieve a more detailed analysis of the five selected countries to understand the specific or common road safety issues. 

One of the main results of this Report is the understanding of the underestimation of road accidents data in Africa. Thus, the continent is still lacking of a common definition of road fatality (in agreement with the international definition), the willingness to cooperate with the accident data collector, and the data transfer to the central agency managing the database. 

For further information about the Summary Report, see this page