05/10/2018 - Insight on [SaferAfrica D5.7] Capacity Review Report – Cameroon

This report, focused on Cameroon, after an introduction about the SaferAfrica project in general, gives some details regarding the work package dealing with Road Safety Management Capacity Reviews (RSMCR - WP5), providing an initial assessment of the road safety situation in Cameroon and an outline and planning for executing the RSMCR in four African countries.

The report mainly reflects the current understanding of the capacity review team of the general road safety management situation in Cameroon

One of the most important information deriving from the report, is that a long-term towards zero goal for the prevention of death and serious injury has not been formally adopted in Cameroon. Thus, one of the findings from this review is lack of time-limited quantitative road safety targets set in projects, national strategies, programs and plans for final outcomes. 

More information about the Report are available here