03/08/2018 - SaferAfrica Newsletter n.3: highlights and opinions on the African Road Safety Observatory

A new SaferAfrica Newsletter has been published and made available on line. Special focus on the newly born African Road Safety Observatory, the African RSO.

In this issue:

- The African Road Safety Observatory was born!

- Implementation of the African Road Safety Action Plan: SaferAfrica Recommendations

- How can an African Road Safety Observatory help to improve road safety in Africa?

You can freely read and download it here: 
SaferAfrica Newsletter n. 3 Special issue "African Road Safety Observatory was born!" (July 2018)


Please, share with your network if you find it of any interest and contact the editorial team for any further issue or proposal at saferafrica@apre.it (rif. Chiara Buongiovanni) 
Each SaferAfrica Newsletter issue aims to disseminate project updates as well as news and comments on road safety management. It is developed and compiled with contributions from the SaferAfrica Consortium Partners and relevant stakeholders.