01/08/2018 - The African Road Safety Observatory now on line!

With more than hundred high-profile African stakeholders already engaged, covering the totality of African countries and the commitment of thirteen representatives from prominent international organizations, the African Road Safety Observatory is now online at www.africanroadsafetyobservatory.org.

 “The African Road Safety Observatory is an interactive space, designed to help European countries and African people to cooperate, exchanging experiences and knowledge with the main objective to make African roads safer”  our SaferAfrica Project Coordinator prof. Luca Persia, Director of the Centre for Transport and Logistics of Sapienza, University of Rome, proudly says.

The African Road Safety Observatory, promoted by Horizon 2020 funded SaferAfrica Project, is supported by a Management Board composed of high-level members from international organizations, namely: European Commission, World Bank, African Development Bank, Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA),  United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) World Road Association (PIARC), World Health Organization (WHO), International Road Transport Union (IRU),   International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD) while all the fifty-four African countries are involved as prominent stakeholders.

The African Road Safety Observatory works as an interactive space where relevant road safety needs faced from African countries can be highlighted while experiences presented and solutions discussed. The online portal, available for any device, includes freely accessible knowledge resources and tools - such as statistics, maps, reports and factsheets – as well as dialogue and crowdsourcing functions with a view to enabling experts, institutional stakeholders and end users to take part.

Through the African Road Safety Observatory, for the very first time European and African road safety experts can exchange knowledge and experiences thanks to the dedicated Dialogue Platform web-tool. Moreover, African citizens are directly engaged through the Crowdsourcing platform, where road safety problems at country level can be reported as well as solutions can be suggested.

See here the press release.  

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