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SaferAfrica Newsletter n.1 - July 2017

SaferAfrica Newsletter issue aims to disseminate project updates as well as news and comments on road safety management. It is developed and compiled with contributions from the SaferAfrica Consortium Partners and relevant stakeholders.
In this issue: New Network of Regional Road Safety Observatories by World Bank, OECD and FIA; Towards the Pan-African Road Safety Knowledge and Data Centre; Data-driven road safety under construction in Cameroon and more.


United Nations Secretary General Report "Improving global road safety” - August 2017

On the 24th August 2017 in New York, the Secretary General of the United Nations presented to the General Assembly the Report on road safety: “Improving global road safety”.The SaferAfrica Project is mentioned within the “Road Safety Management” section of the Report.

Road Safety Annual Report 2017

IRTAD (International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group) has realized the Road Safety Annual Report 2017 aimed to provide an overview of road safety performance for 2015 in 40 countries, adding also some preliminary data of 2016 and detailed reports for each involved country. Furthermore, the Report includes cross country comparisons using key safety indicators.

These indicators include detailed analysis by road user, age group and type of road. Indeed the Report describes the crash data collection process in IRTAD countries, the road safety strategies and targets in place, and information on recent trends in speeding, drink-driving and other aspects of road user behavior.